I am amazed by how long my fourteen year old son can sleep. He will go to bed on a Friday night at midnight and sleep until two O’clock the next day. Of course I don’t mind not being woken up at six am like he did when he was a toddler. He would come in my room as I was dead asleep and say, ”Mommy time to get up”! It was cute! But exhausting! But now, I am just amazed he can stay asleep that long. And he is dead asleep. I can open his bedroom door, turn on the light and he still is fast asleep drooling. It would take me two bottles of wine and a sleeping pill to sleep that long. Not recommended by Doctors or it can stop your heart. Anyway, I swear that the day we added ”teen” to his age, as in thirteen, he automatically became a sleep master. An interesting fact, I read an article by some Doctor and I apologize to them that I don’t remember their name, however, it stated that teenagers brains are actually wired differently for sleep. Their brain tells them to stay up later and sleep in longer. So next time your teen wants to stay up late on the weekends don’t fight it. It’s biology.