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AskDrShannon is a Psychologically based website/ blog with a slant of humor that deals with real human moments in life. Dr. Shannon deals with subjects ranging from relationship problems to raising children and dealing with suicide prevention, depression and bullying. This is a free blog to deal with the stressors of life as well as the funny moments we encounter. Please visit this site for FREE Doctors “advice” and conversations without judgement.

Dr. Shannon Scanlan PsyD

Dr. Shannon Scanlan PsyD., has a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in adult individuals, families, couples and teens. Dr. Shannon graduated from CSPP in 2003. Prior to earning her doctorate she received a Bachelors of Arts from USC’s Annenberg School of Communication. Dr. Shannon is the proud mother of two boys and lives with her husband and children in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Dr. Shannon has a passion for working with parents and children through all of the different developmental stages. She has an expertise in teaching parenting skills to help parents raise emotionally healthy children. Much of her expertise was developed working in private practice at Cedars Sinai. She worked with parents, teens and adult individuals. In addition to adept skills in parenting, Dr. Shannon has an impressive body of work helping people chose a marriage partner for a marriage that will succeed.

Books by Dr. Shannon

The Confident Kid: How to Create a Confident Kid in an Era of Bullying and Emotional Stress

The Confident Kid is a unique book that addresses the other side of bullying. Most people focus on the bully and not on the kids who would benefit from having the confidence to dismiss the bully. The goal of this book is to help parents raise children that are confident enough to withstand the emotional stress that accompanies school and social environments today.

Pregnancy is not for wimps: The truth about pregnancy nobody tells you

Author Dr Shannon Scanlan bravely shares her personal feelings and experiences about being pregnant. Her opinions are humorous and racey and have an atypical slant as she discusses not enjoying the art of being pregnant. This hysterical and sometimes blunt account of one woman’s struggle with being pregnant is a rare and honest view which gives readers their own permission to feel safe about talking about their own struggles while being pregnant. “Pregnancy is Not for Whimps” should be a mandatory read for all pregnant women who have survived the hard core time served for nine months that it takes to grow a human being.

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