Most people report feeling anxious or nervous about public speaking or being the center of attention. This is considered normal. However, the Mayo Clinic states that about 200,000 people are diagnosed with Social anxiety disorder or social phobia. This type of disorder is more than sweaty palms and butterflies in ones stomach. It is considered a chronic mental health condition. It is treatable by a medical professional usually with talk therapy and emersion therapy. What I experience like many people is a non diagnosable mild fear of social interactions. I worry that I am “to much” or “to loud”. I worry that people are not going to like me. This amount of fear is normal and does not usually stop me from attending events or new situations. We all wonder what people are thinking about us at say a cocktail party. The majority of people have some irritation and fear in social situations, especially when meeting new people. We worry about what clothes to wear. We worry if we are going to fit in or get the feeling that people enjoy our company. It’s hard to put yourself out in public whether you are 15 years old or 50. This is, in my opinion a healthy way of interaction where one cares about their appearance and acceptance in society. We all get the jitters. It is hard to put yourself out there socially. If you are feeling anxious about going to a party or a new get together remember that it is normal and most of the people there are probably feel the same way. If your fears seem irrational or prohibit you from attending social events it is probably time for you to see a Doctor. In the meantime take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other and go to the social event. You may be pleasantly surprised how comfortable you were able to become once talking to the other people there. Remember, we all want to be liked and accepted. Dr. S