Ok! So we clearly have a messed up medical care situation in America. That and Mental health care are absolutely terrible. If you can’t handle honesty don’t read any further. Personal information, I had a bladder infection today which, as a woman I knew exactly what was going on. However, I had to spend 3 hours waiting and almost begging for help. I went to one urgent care and the wait was one hour and forty five minutes. How is that URGENT CARE? I needed relief now!!! So I had to go to a second place, pee in a cup and wait forty five minutes to be seen my anybody. REDICULOUS! I was in pain. All in all with the pharmacy wait and lack of staff it took me over 3 hours to get a simple antibiotic to kill the infection. And I had to go to 2 urgent care facilities and 2 different pharmacies before I found one that had the antibiotic that I needed. And to mention when I went to the window of all 4 places I presented with a smile and kind, calm demeanor. They were rude, short with me and acted as if I was BOTHERING THEM. This needs to change. Vote for my husband Rob Sansone for President in 2024. We need a change. I’m super dissatisfied at this time.