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A website created by Dr. Shannon Scanlan, PsyD., who loves to help people find an easier way to deal with the circumstances of the day when it comes to children growing up, and relationships with your significant other.  AskDrShannon is a great resource for parents or parents to be, who are looking for information, answers to questions, suggestions and support from other parents experiencing the same things.

These days, with the world as challenging as it is,  it is harder than ever to maintain your sanity if you have children or are in a committed relationship.  Where do you go for answers when you find yourself in a battle of wits with a three year old, or find yourself in a tough spot with an infant?  Not everyone has a great family member to turn to with all the answers, or the money or time for therapy.  At AskDrShannon, the blogs, tips, videos, links and webinars are all designed to offer support and answers for predicaments many of us find ourselves in.  Support and real information to help you deal with the “unbelieveable situations” that can arise in a given day.

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