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AskDrShannon is a psychology based website and blog that focuses on the real human moments in life. Dr. Shannon uses her expertise to address subjects ranging from relationship problems to raising children and dealing with suicide prevention, depression and bullying. With real world answers and a healthy dose of humor, Dr. Shannon has created this site to help manage the stresses in our lives, as well as, how to handle the funny moments we encounter. She is the psychologist in your pocket who has created a safe place to land with all of your psychological questions.

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Are You Happy?

I find myself and many of my patients asking ourselves if we are happy. With so much availability of stuff it is amazing that we find ourselves unhappy or at least unsatisfied. I look at my kids and they are generally happy. Of course they complain about not wanting...

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Do You Have Social Anxiety?

Most people report feeling anxious or nervous about public speaking or being the center of attention. This is considered normal. However, the Mayo Clinic states that about 200,000 people are diagnosed with Social anxiety disorder or social phobia. This type of...

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Have You Adopted Your Spouses habits?

Have you and your spouse adopted eachothers habits? My husband and I sure have! i will give you an example…when we first got married my husband was SO irritated when I would leave the kitchen cabinets open after getting something out of them, and I didnt even notice i...

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Books by Dr. Shannon

The Confident Kid: How to Create a Confident Kid in an Era of Bullying and Emotional Stress

The Confident Kid is a unique book that addresses the other side of bullying. Most people focus on the bully and not on the kids who would benefit from having the confidence to dismiss the bully. The goal of this book is to help parents raise children that are confident enough to withstand the emotional stress that accompanies school and social environments today.

Pregnancy is not for wimps: The truth about pregnancy nobody tells you

Author Dr Shannon Scanlan bravely shares her personal feelings and experiences about being pregnant. Her opinions are humorous and racey and have an atypical slant as she discusses not enjoying the art of being pregnant. This hysterical and sometimes blunt account of one woman’s struggle with being pregnant is a rare and honest view which gives readers their own permission to feel safe about talking about their own struggles while being pregnant. “Pregnancy is Not for Whimps” should be a mandatory read for all pregnant women who have survived the hard core time served for nine months that it takes to grow a human being.

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